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  • Justin's life sucks. A bright, fifteen-year-old misfit, he's constantly looking over his shoulder for the next beating and humiliation, courtesy of the school bully and his gang, worrying about his mom at home, and now dealing with his dad being back in their lives. And just when things start to get better, they get a whole lot worse. Lashing out in anger, revenge on his mind, Justin sets his world on fire—literally. Payback can be awesome, even if the collateral damage is troubling, but when Justin's actions catch the attention of some otherworldly bad guys, he's forced to come to terms with who he really wants to be. Being dead may have its advantages, but making life easier isn't one of them.
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  • This tale begins with a quiet whisper,
    a soft I love you my sweet in hushed tones
    so that a sleeping child alone would hear
    while enjoying dreams of wondrous unknowns.
    A tale of brave knights, dragons, kings and thrones,
    that will very much like a dream appear
    when read aloud at night with bedtime near.

    A poem in rhyme royal.
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  • Orbelius Melnik explores one very bad day, and offers a glimpse into one very good day, in the life of one of Creation's great losers. It is a comic novella that details the circumstances surrounding Orbelius Melnik's nervous breakdown, and how, against all odds, he manages to win at life. The book unfolds through the flawed prism of Orbelius Melnik's inconsistent mind, following the uncertain paths of his frayed thoughts to reveal a world of kaleidoscopic revelations, imagination, and experiences that are as unique, edifying, and funny as they are wrong. It is a book that pretends to offer insight, a book that pretends to hold the key to happiness, but most of all it is a roller-coaster ride through intellectual ignorance.
Book contains mature themes and language. It is recommended for readers 16+.